Our Methodologies

Using our proprietary research techniques, we seek solutions for marketing and communications problems that reach consumers on both an emotional and a rational level. We help our clients develop products and communications that break out of traditional boxes, and into areas that are unique, differentiated and ownable.

Our Techniques:


  • Brings out the HCP/patient dialogue through careful analysis of office and examination-room conversations, and offers deep insights into the relationship between the givers and receivers of medical care.
  • EthnoProbes®

  • Studies the consumer in her or his own environment through in-person and web-based ethnographic tools that provide the story of a day in the life of patients, their friends and families, and other sources of support and influence.
  • SocialCircles®

  • Looks at the intimate conversations a consumer has with his or her closest friends and relatives, leading to insights into the attitudes, actions, choices, priorities and impacts of a patient’s social network.

In addition to traditional qualitative and on-line methodologies, these techniques have proven invaluable in understanding generally “private” relationships and perspectives.

The Power of Narrative Medicine

Our methodologies are rooted in our study of Narrative Medicine, a field that explores the power of story-telling and self-narration in diagnosis and treatment of illness. We have found the techniques of Narrative Medicine to be useful tools in our search to understand patient and HCP behavior, attitudes and motivations.